Guest houses in Szklarska Poreba

I will not hide that Szklarska Poreba is a small town just several thousand. It does not prevent tourists each year who are increasingly eager to attract here, be it over the summer or winter. Location and the same because the city has much to offer - ski slopes, ski slopes, mountain trails and diverse range of additional attractions are the biggest pluses of this mountain town. It is worth noting also that the weather Szklarska Poreba, most of the year is excellent, thanks to the specific location of the town, which is virtually surrounded on each side of the mountains.

The first thing you see coming here is that virtually all single-family houses have been converted to apartments for rent. Roads in Szklarska Poreba are in fact a very common view, we can not come across in the town and its uboczach, on mountain slopes and in beautiful wooded surroundings. A great advantage of those are highways is primarily the price - much lower than in guest houses and apartments and accommodation conditions are practically the same.

Looking for accommodation in Szklarska Poreba worth opt for a room in the road - a nice family atmosphere, satisfactory standards, the chance to taste the local cuisine. All these factors make your stay you will be very happy to be recalled and will often return to this charming mountain town.
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